Chaplin’s Cat Shelter

A brief presentation of our society in English.

Chaplin’s Cat Shelter was founded in 2013 in Linköping, Sweden. Our goal is to aid cats in dire need with focus on Queens with kittens, sick and/or shy/wild cats. Our tagline is ”An oasis for the small, sick and shy”. Our focus is not on the average domestic cat in need of relocation or temporary boarding, but on abandoned and homeless felines.

The shelter is a part of our residential home, a main room about 20m² big with a separate quarantine about 7m². There is also a medical isolation cage for cats with parasites or cats recuperating from injury and/or surgery. The facility sports all kind of equipment like fridge, microwave, TV for the cats, ID-chip scanner & CCTV-surveillance.

For further information in English, please contact us through Facebook, phone or mail. Please check the Contact page for details and mail form.

Main points to know about how to adopt a cat from us:

  •  Kittens are not sold as the only cat in a household below the age of 20w.
  • Price for adoption is SEK2000 for a kitten and SEK1000 for an adult. Value of cat+included actions/treatments at least double that.
  • Cats adopted from us are either already altered (neutered, spayed) or you agree to have it altered before it turns 7m old.
  • We check your qualification and sell only to homes that we deem suitable. Nothing to be afraid of as long as you have a healty attitude towards cats and a common sense.
  • You can visit us after agreeing on a suitable time to aquire our clearance to reserve/adopt a cat. After that you can reserve/adopt a cat at any time during the next 12m. The important part is to meet us and the cats and get clearance to be an adopter.
  • We will help you to find a cat that is right for you, not only based on its looks! We think it is very important that the cat will be a good fit for your family, other pets you may have and the ”function” you are looking for when getting a cat.
  • Please contact us via Facebook Messages on our Page to book a visit. We accept visitors typically weekdays after 17:00 and between 13:00-20:00 on weekends. Other days/times may be available on request, ask us!